Adjunct wheat

Adjunct wheat is also basically treated as brewing wheat, but it is also unmalted.


The Purity Law of 1516 states that only barley, hops and water should be used to brew beer. However, not only the type, but above all the quality of the brewing raw materials determines the taste and the value of the beer. Grainli® is the reliable partner for first-class malting barley and other regional raw materials in organic quality, which make the difference between an ordinary and an excellent beer. And with over 15,000 beer brands in the world, who wants to be satisfied with mediocrity? The craft beer scene is also experimenting more and more with different grains and malts to create new flavor experiences. Adjuncts can also be used in crafting. Grainli® has created the right range for customers all over the world.


Where the German Purity Law does not have to be followed – for example in parts of the craft beer scene – brewers frequently use adjunct grains to create new color and flavor experiences. Adjunct grain is an alternative starch source for the brewing process. The distinctive feature here is that it is unmalted grain. Grainli® offers various adjunct grains worldwide.

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