Awareness for a balanced and sustainable diet is growing every day. Vegan foods in particular are in trend because they are not only considered healthy, but also climate-friendly. Grainli® is meeting the growing demand for plant-based proteins in the food industry with a versatile range of products.

There is currently great potential above all for “switchover products,” such as vegan meat substitutes or plant-based drinks as a substitute for cow’s milk. The latter are particularly suitable for lactose-intolerant people, and gluten-free foods are increasingly being consumed intentionally, and not just by people with an intolerance.

Grainli® supports regional origin and relies on organic quality. This enables us to supply high-quality raw materials for the baking and food industry, which really do make the world a little better. We also keep this thought alive when we are involved in the production of convenience food. Fast preparation with the best quality – that is what makes these products stand out!



Rice is a grain with a wide array of functions as an ingredient. Rice is gluten-free, has a relatively little own taste and is easy to process. Grainli® offers paddy rice, broken rice, full-grain rice, dehusked and polished rice as food grade quality. Specifications can be adjusted to unique customer needs. We offer rice of EU-, South American- and Asian-origins.
Wild rice (“Canada rice”) is also part of the portfolio.


Organic Grains

All products are also available in organic quality. We focus on sustainability and regionality. Grainli® is happy about every partner who supports us on this way and asks for products in organic quality.



Oats, similar to spelt, are benefitting from trends to a healthier diet and lifestyle. The fast-growing market of plant-based drinks has shown to be a additional demand driver. We can offer oats with characteristics matching specific processing steps, like sorting, weight, fat-content as well as regional origins if required.



Spelt is an ancient grain, associated with healthy traits. It has seen rising demands in recent years, with production and demand growing. We are sourcing and dehulling spelt in Germany, for the European markets as well as for exports to the Mediterranean.



Buckwheat is not a cereal but rather a knotweed plant. It was traditionally grown on marginal soils and known as a secure food source for the poor population. Buckwheat is mostly grown in Eastern Europe and an essential part of local cuisine. Buckwheat is gluten-free and has become popular as an ingredient to cereals, granola and bread


Malt extract

Malt extracts are an important functional ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Malt extracts can be produced on the basis of various grains. The extracts can be offered as liquid or powder.



The horse bean is a domestic product. It therefore represents sustainability in particular and can be used in just as many ways – as a raw material for flours, protein isolates and meal. Due to the trend of more vegan and vegetarian diets, the horse bean has gained significantly in popularity.



Chickpea has been on the menu of the levantine cuisine for a long time, just think of the popular dish hummus. However, it can also be milled and can be used in a variety of ways due to its high starch content. Grainli® chickpeas are grown in Europe and South America.


Yellow pea

The yellow pea is the basic ingredient for pea protein isolates. These peas are grown in Europe, but also in Australia and South America. They serve as raw material for the extraction of protein, starch and fiber.


Organic products

If desired, we can also supply all our products in organic quality. Whenever possible, we pay attention to a regional origin. We consider a sustainable cultivation of resources as well as climate-friendly transport routes to be very desirable.

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