The Purity Law of 1516 states that only barley, hops and water should be used to brew beer. However, not only the type, but above all the quality of the brewing raw materials determines the taste and the value of the beer.

Grainli® is the reliable partner for first-class malting barley and other regional raw materials in organic quality, which make the difference between an ordinary and an excellent beer. And with over 15,000 beer brands in the world, who wants to be satisfied with mediocrity?

The craft beer scene is also experimenting more and more with different grains and malts to create new flavor experiences. Adjuncts can also be used in crafting. Grainli® has created the right range for customers all over the world.


Speciality malts

The dynamic development of the craft beer scene over the last 15 years has led to a high demand for specialty malts around the world. Whether traditional or modern, we offer our customers specialty malts of different origins on request. For the baking and food industry, we additionally have roasted malts and roasted grains in our product range.


Basic malts

As the basis of the recipe of any beer, we offer base malts worldwide.



As a raw material for the brewing process, we offer rice in the form of “broken rice”. This raw material is characterized by its neutral taste and low oil and fat levels.



We offer corn with a low fat or oil level, which has little inherent flavor and therefore does not interfere with the aroma. Different selections are available.


Adjunct wheat

Adjunct wheat is also basically treated as brewing wheat, but it is also unmalted.


Adjunct barley

Adjunct barley has basically the character of malting barley, but it is unmalted. We offer 2-row spring barley and 6-row winter barley as adjunct barley.



All products are also available in organic quality. We focus on sustainability and regionality. Grainli® is happy about every partner who supports us on this way and asks for products in organic quality.



Buckwheat is not a cereal, but rather a knotweed plant. However, buckwheat fulfills the same purpose in the brewing process as the various cereals – supplying starch for fermentation. In doing so, buckwheat differs in taste from cereals while being completely gluten-free. However, it can be malted at any time.



Spelt is an ancient grain variety that has recently experienced a renaissance in both cultivation and consumer demand. The trend toward healthier diets has helped spelt regain importance. Spelt can also be processed into specialty malts.



Rye as a basic ingredient for rye malts and roasted malts is an important component of dark and craft beers. Various rye products are also used in the baking and food industries.

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