Changing eating habits and increased attention to healthy nutrition are causing seeds to become more and more important in the baking and food industry. They are sometimes considered to be superfoods, as they have many important vitamins, micronutrients and essential fatty acids.

Grainli® is the right partner when it comes to high-quality seeds that are convincing in terms of taste and nutritional values.



The pseudocereal quinoa is gluten-free and symbolizes modern and healthy nutrition. The high-fiber food can be cooked in water or broth, for example, and is very variable in taste.



Chia has been considered an ultimate superfood for quite some time now – especially because of the fatty acid pattern and the many dietary fibers. The small grains are indispensable in the baking industry and also as a topping.



Sesame is a widely used ingredient in the baking industry. However, it is not only used as a decoration for baked goods, but is also popular as a topping for salads and serves as an oil seed for the production of sesame oil. Grainli® offers flavorful black and white sesame seeds – either roasted or natural.

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