No Pain
No Grain

…that is our motto when it comes to sustainability. We are fully committed to quality and reliability. In this way, we remain a relevant player in the market and can always provide our customers with good reasons why we are the best partner for brewing, pet food and food raw materials.

In addition to economic sustainability, which means securing the financial success of the company, we are also committed to ecological and social sustainability. Therefore, we take numerous measures to live up to this promise:

  • Paperless office: At Grainli®, contracts are digitized, signed online and no longer printed out unnecessarily.
  • E-mobility: We have replaced all company vehicles with gasoline or diesel engines with hybrid models or e-vehicles.
  • Saving CO2: The few business trips we need to make are CO2-compensated and our office is powered entirely by green electricity.
  • Long-term cooperation: We also focus on sustainable relationships with our employees and maintain a good exchange.
  • Further education and training: The development of our employees is part of our understanding of social sustainability.