Saved By Beer

Bringing markets, people and companies together – that is one of Grainli®’s great strengths. When countless restaurants were forced to dispose of their beer stocks in Corona times, we came up with a smart idea: the beer was not poured away, but the alcohol was distilled and used to produce disinfectant called “Saved by Beer”. This was sustainability on the point in social, ecological and economic terms!

Bar­ba­ros­sa I am

Instead of just talking about other beers, we wanted to brew our own beer at some point. In collaboration with experienced brewmasters, the “Barbarossa I am” brand was born. Four different barrel-aged craft beer recipes were developed in the process: Gose, Imperial Stout, Porter and Hansebock. By the way, “Barbarossa I am” is named after Friedrich I (known as Barbarossa), who issued a charter to the city of Hamburg in 1189, thus enabling trade in grain and beer. What could be a better match for Grainli®?


Braumarkt is a joint venture between Grainli® and entrepreneur Brian Schlede. In addition to a store in Hamburg, which should soon become the Mecca for brewing enthusiasts, Braumarkt sells a range of over 5,000 items via its online store. In addition, the Braumarkt Academy, the Braumarkt service lab, and the Braumarkt microbrewery offer further services to support passionate brewmasters.

100 years of BayWa

For BayWa AG’s 100th anniversary, we came up with a special gift. A limited edition of one seasonal beer designed in the look of BayWa. The design of the bottle is inspired by our beer brand “Barbarossa I am”, but was adapted to BayWa especially for the anniversary. The bottle features the Frauenkirche in Munich, as well as the Michel and the Speicherstadt in Hamburg. With this creation, we would like to take up the BayWa motto “We unite worlds” and express our solidarity with BayWa. The limited edition will not be available for purchase and was produced uniquely and exclusively for this occasion.

Beer I am

The Beer I am podcast, created by Andries de Groen, was a great success for our subsidiary. As an international podcast for beer lovers as well as entrepreneurs and employees in the beer industry, the project, which was launched in 2020, quickly raised its profile. This led to new formats and products, including the ‘Beer I am’ app and even its own beer brand. Andries did this in his spare time “out of love for beer and the people who brew it”. “Beer I am is for anyone who wants to get an insight into the entire beer value chain and hear stories about beer. The podcast was a project during the pandemic lockdown and generated a lot of excitement around the topic of breweries, brewers and people in the industry. However, the last episode was produced and finished at the end of 2021. We are always happy to support individual and innovative ideas!