Hey Kelly, we are pleased to welcome you to our Grainli® Team! We wish you a good start in your new position as Office Manager & Management Assistance.

In Germany is Mowing time

In Germany is Mowing time. Over the courts of the last four weeks the volunteer fawn rescuers did a great job. The team in which Matthias is helping has already been able to bring 52 fawns to safety. We are supporting this initiative, on the behalf of animal rescue and volunteers who are spending their […]

Excursion of the “Thüringer Braugersten Verein e.V.

Excursion of the “Thüringer Braugersten Verein e.V.“ A group of 10 members of the Association met for two days in Hamburg. They started the first evening with a beer tasting and food pairing at Braumarkt Hamburg, which was very professionally and originally led by Matthias Mitteregger (many thanks for that!). Six different beers were tasted […]