Textured pea protein

Textured pea protein, with a 50-60% vegetable protein content, is important for giving meat substitutes their desired shape. We rely on non-GMO here as well, thus providing the vegan and vegetarian food industry with an excellent quality starting product.


Awareness for a balanced and sustainable diet is growing every day. Vegan foods in particular are in trend because they are not only considered healthy, but also climate-friendly. Grainli® is meeting the growing demand for plant-based proteins in the food industry with a versatile range of products. There is currently great potential above all for “switchover products,” such as vegan meat substitutes or plant-based drinks as a substitute for cow’s milk. The latter are particularly suitable for lactose-intolerant people, and gluten-free foods are increasingly being consumed intentionally, and not just by people with an intolerance. Grainli® supports regional origin and relies on organic quality. This enables us to supply high-quality raw materials for the baking and food industry, which really do make the world a little better. We also keep this thought alive when we are involved in the production of convenience food. Fast preparation with the best quality – that is what makes these products stand out!


Vegetable proteins are a growing trend in the food industry. They are, for example, the basis for meat substitutes and are also found in many vegetable drinks. A high quality of vegetable proteins is particularly important for us. On the road to greater sustainability, vegetarian and especially vegan products are seen as part of the solution. We want to contribute our share so that people who want to change their eating habits can rely on excellent products made from high-quality raw materials and, if desired, regional origins.

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