Legumes are highly demanded in the food industry. Beans, peas and other legumes have become increasingly important, particularly due to changes in dietary habits and the increasing choice of meat substitutes.Grainli® focuses on sustainably grown, GMO-free products, which serve, among other things, as a basic raw material for processing into protein isolates or are processed into specialties, such as hummus (made from pureed chickpeas).


Beluga lentils

Beluga lentils are the finest of the lentils and peas. The name is an allusion to the famous caviar of the coasts of the Caspian Sea. The colour and fine sorting make them look similar. However that’s the only common thing with the famous fish. Beluga lentils are vegan, gluten-free and high in protein. The fine sorting combined with the bite resistance make them perfect ingredients for salads and bowls.



The horse bean is a domestic product. It therefore represents sustainability in particular and can be used in just as many ways – as a raw material for flours, protein isolates and meal. Due to the trend of more vegan and vegetarian diets, the horse bean has gained significantly in popularity.



Chickpea has been on the menu of the levantine cuisine for a long time, just think of the popular dish hummus. However, it can also be milled and can be used in a variety of ways due to its high starch content. Grainli® chickpeas are grown in Europe and South America.


Yellow pea

The yellow pea is the basic ingredient for pea protein isolates. These peas are grown in Europe, but also in Australia and South America. They serve as raw material for the extraction of protein, starch and fiber.



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