Malting Grains

Grainli® is one of the leading global trading companies for brewing grain. In numerous European countries, we are embedded in the collection network of BayWa Ag ( and its subsidiaries such as Cefetra Group (, among others. Furthermore, we cooperate with numerous local partners and customers in Europe and worldwide.

Beyond the classic trading activity, the collection, logistics and marketing of brewer’s grain have been part of Grainli® ‘s core business from the very beginning.



All products are also available in organic quality. We focus on sustainability and regionality. Grainli® is happy about every partner who supports us on this way and asks for products in organic quality.



Buckwheat is not a cereal, but rather a knotweed plant. However, buckwheat fulfills the same purpose in the brewing process as the various cereals – supplying starch for fermentation. In doing so, buckwheat differs in taste from cereals while being completely gluten-free. However, it can be malted at any time.



Spelt is an ancient grain variety that has recently experienced a renaissance in both cultivation and consumer demand. The trend toward healthier diets has helped spelt regain importance. Spelt can also be processed into specialty malts.



Rye as a basic ingredient for rye malts and roasted malts is an important component of dark and craft beers. Various rye products are also used in the baking and food industries.



Oats are becoming increasingly popular as a brewing raw material, especially in the craft beer scene. Various specialty malts can be produced from oats, which are naturally gluten-free. Oats are also used as a raw fruit directly in the brewing process.


Brewing wheat

Brewing wheat is ideally suited for the production of wheat malt. However, this brewing raw material can also serve as the basis for various specialty malts. The main market for brewing wheat is Europe.


Malting barley

Malting barley is the core product of Grainli®. We distinguish between summer and winter barley, which is the raw material for the production of diverse base and specialty malts. Our malting barley is transported, handled and shipped on all continents – from trucks to containers to Panamax ships.

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