Where the German Purity Law does not have to be followed – for example in parts of the craft beer scene – brewers frequently use adjunct grains to create new color and flavor experiences.

Adjunct grain is an alternative starch source for the brewing process. The distinctive feature here is that it is unmalted grain. Grainli® offers various adjunct grains worldwide.



As a raw material for the brewing process, we offer rice in the form of “broken rice”. This raw material is characterized by its neutral taste and low oil and fat levels.



We offer corn with a low fat or oil level, which has little inherent flavor and therefore does not interfere with the aroma. Different selections are available.


Adjunct wheat

Adjunct wheat is also basically treated as brewing wheat, but it is also unmalted.


Adjunct barley

Adjunct barley has basically the character of malting barley, but it is unmalted. We offer 2-row spring barley and 6-row winter barley as adjunct barley.

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