Beluga lentils

Beluga lentils are the finest of the lentils and peas. The name is an allusion to the famous caviar of the coasts of the Caspian Sea. The colour and fine sorting make them look similar. However that’s the only common thing with the famous fish. Beluga lentils are vegan, gluten-free and high in protein. The […]

Sesame seed

Sesame seed (unhulled) is suitable as a component for bird feed, nibble sticks and special feed. The product differs only in color and grading from goods for human consumption. We offer black and white sesame seeds and mixtures on request.


Unfortunately, we cannot offer rice at the moment.

Organic Grains

All products are also available in organic quality. We focus on sustainability and regionality. Grainli® is happy about every partner who supports us on this way and asks for products in organic quality.


Oats, similar to spelt, are benefitting from trends to a healthier diet and lifestyle. The fast-growing market of plant-based drinks has shown to be a additional demand driver. We can offer oats with characteristics matching specific processing steps, like sorting, weight, fat-content as well as regional origins if required.


Spelt is an ancient grain, associated with healthy traits. It has seen rising demands in recent years, with production and demand growing. We are sourcing and dehulling spelt in Germany, for the European markets as well as for exports to the Mediterranean.


Buckwheat is not a cereal but rather a knotweed plant. It was traditionally grown on marginal soils and known as a secure food source for the poor population. Buckwheat is mostly grown in Eastern Europe and an essential part of local cuisine. Buckwheat is gluten-free and has become popular as an ingredient to cereals, granola […]


Lupins offer a sustainable and GMO-free source of protein for animal feed. The content of crude protein in lupins are comparatively high on lysine and methionine which increase the protein value of compound feed.

Malt extract

Malt extracts are an important functional ingredient in the food and beverage industry. Malt extracts can be produced on the basis of various grains. The extracts can be offered as liquid or powder.

Corn Germs

Corn germs are co-products of starch extraction. Corn oil, extracted from corn germs, is valued for its high temperature stability in the food industry. Corn germs are used in compound and specialty feed for animals as well as in the process of Corn oil extraction.