Corn Germs

Corn germs are co-products of starch extraction. Corn oil, extracted from corn germs, is valued for its high temperature stability in the food industry. Corn germs are used in compound and specialty feed for animals as well as in the process of Corn oil extraction.

Oat bran

Oat bran is a by-product in the process of oat production. As a fiber supplier, the animal feed sector demands oat bran to rise quality of the feed.


Maltgerms are a by-product obtained during the production of malt. For the feed industry, it is a reliable source of protein due to its good amino acid pattern. Its consistent availability and high palatability make it a particularly popular product. We can contribute to regional supply chains with malt sprouts and enable the supply of […]


The horse bean is a domestic product. It therefore represents sustainability in particular and can be used in just as many ways – as a raw material for flours, protein isolates and meal. Due to the trend of more vegan and vegetarian diets, the horse bean has gained significantly in popularity.


Chickpea has been on the menu of the levantine cuisine for a long time, just think of the popular dish hummus. However, it can also be milled and can be used in a variety of ways due to its high starch content. Grainli® chickpeas are grown in Europe and South America.

Yellow pea

The yellow pea is the basic ingredient for pea protein isolates. These peas are grown in Europe, but also in Australia and South America. They serve as raw material for the extraction of protein, starch and fiber.

Organic products

If desired, we can also supply all our products in organic quality. Whenever possible, we pay attention to a regional origin. We consider a sustainable cultivation of resources as well as climate-friendly transport routes to be very desirable.

Textured pea protein

Textured pea protein, with a 50-60% vegetable protein content, is important for giving meat substitutes their desired shape. We rely on non-GMO here as well, thus providing the vegan and vegetarian food industry with an excellent quality starting product.


The isolated pea protein with protein concentration of 80-90% is a base for meat substitutes and vegetable drinks. It is also important to us that the pea protein is 100% non-GMO.


The pseudocereal quinoa is gluten-free and symbolizes modern and healthy nutrition. The high-fiber food can be cooked in water or broth, for example, and is very variable in taste.